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With a dedication to publishing quality LGBTQ books, 13 Red Media is pleased to announce we are officially open to queries. Prior to querying, please identify which imprint your work would most appropriately fit and follow the directions outlined on our submission page. Incomplete queries will not be considered.

13 Red Media Ltd. is a multi-faceted media company focused on providing consumers with groundbreaking LGBTQ content through a variety of mediums.

Featured Novel

His Own Way Out

Blake Mitchell knows a bit about enough things and a lot about a few. While the Kentucky teenager is unsure of which direction to take in life, he’s aware the road he’s on is a direct route to desolation. Being outed as bisexual in the bluegrass state is alienating, and the events to follow are worse. Still, Blake is driven—by any means necessary—to make something more of himself. Identifying an opening, Blake paves a path and finds His Own Way Out.

His Own Way Out